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Name:Peter Parker
Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:Queens, New York, United States of America

Peter Parker is, in simplest terms, the nerdiest little 16 year old ever to gain superpowers. Outside of the suit he's an average nerd in high school: highly intelligent, very shy, kind of a loner. Even after the fateful spider bite that changed his life, whenever he's at school he does his best to maintain his secret identity by trying to remain as unassuming and invisible as possible. Usually this means allowing himself to be pushed around despite the fact that he could now wipe the floor with his bullies. Unlike the rest of his classmates he does actually enjoy school and learning, (which is probably one of the few reasons he chooses to keep his high-schooler-by-day-web-slinging-vigilante-by-night lifestyle). He's very smart, usually managing to maintain his high GPA despite the fact that his Spider-man shenanigans frequently cut into school/homework/study time (he's left in the middle of class once or twice while angrily proclaiming that there's nothing for him to learn and that he could teach the subject if he wanted to). He loves all the different fields of science, and he pretty much excels in all of them. Ideally his future would involve college and possibly a high-end career in science. For example: working for Tony Stark would be kind of a dream come true for Peter. But being Spider-man pretty much comes with a life contract.

He really is a very sweet, loving boy. He grew up with his aunt and uncle, both of whom he loves very much and holds dear to his heart. He was raised well, taught to be responsible and to turn the other cheek in a conflict whenever possible (though the latter is something he has had to bend the rules on). It was when his Uncle Ben died that Peter started to take his superhero calling more seriously, living by the saying his uncle imparted to him: "With great power there must also come great responsibility." This is what inspires him to always strive to do what is right, and even when the authorities question Spider-man's motives or blame him for the newest city disaster, he doesn't quit. Or rather, he can't quit. Helping the people of the city, even when they all but hate him, has taken too high a priority in his life. He never takes rewards and is extremely intolerant of bribes, no matter what kind of threat he faces as the alternative. In his mind, he's "just a guy" who's trying to do what he can to help people and to prevent dangerous people from hurting the innocents.

As has been shown when thrust into his very first battle, Peter has something of a tendency to ramble and crack jokes when nervous or under extreme pressure. This has since turned into something of a trademark for him as Spider-man: constant witty banter and quirky speech mannerisms. Though probably not purposefully done, it also helps maintain his secret identity, since when he's at school he stays quiet and keeps his comments to himself. He decides this much chattier, outgoing part of himself must be brought out by the suit and the anonymity it grants him when he puts it on. As a superhero Peter is still young and inexperienced, and to veteran heroes like the Avengers it really shows. He still has much to learn about exactly what kind of burdens he's taking on and how to handle his double life. He can be hasty and impulsive, making many mistakes both in battle and in life, and more often than not he ends up paying for them dearly. All of his experiences tend to be more than a little overwhelming for him, leading him to believe that his luck is simply always going to be horrible for the rest of his life or otherwise questioning whether or not he should continue what he's doing.

Taking up the superhero act has taken a serious toll on Peter's life. Perhaps it's because of the words he's chosen to live by, but any failures or mistakes he's made as Spider-man weigh heavily on his shoulders. Above all others he blames himself for the death of his uncle, Gwen Stacy's father, and even Gwen herself, believing that there had to have been some way to prevent their deaths. The very existence of his alter-ego has led him to believe that no one he's close to is safe, even moreso now that they know his secret. This is why he takes it upon himself to protect those people even at great personal sacrifice. But these insecurities still lead him to push people (read: the girl he just can't quit, childhood friend "love of his life" and three time girlfriend Mary Jane Watson) away again and again, even though he wants nothing more than to love and be loved by them. And though he's normally very good at being completely inconspicuous when at school, there are occasions when he can no longer hold back and retaliates. He's become significantly braver and the fact that he usually acts on instinct during fights as Spider-man has started to rub off on all aspects of his life. Having fought as many big bads as he has, Peter is completely unafraid of the people he has to deal with at school. Annoyed yes, but not afraid at all. When the situation (or even just his mood) calls for it, he has no problem speaking up and making himself heard to bullies and teachers alike. Being Spider-man has a tendency to override everything else, which he often hates. But even when he tries to stop, he can't help but step in when someone needs his help.

After all - and say it with me, now - with great power, there must also come great responsibility.

Since getting bitten by a genetically altered spider from Osborn Industries, Peter developed the proportional abilities of a spider. What does that mean, you may ask? Generally speaking, his entire physiology has been enhanced: faster metabolism, altered body tissues, stronger muscles, enhanced nervous system, now-perfect vision, etc. He recovers more quickly and extensively from injuries than the average human being. His faster metabolism means an increased tolerance to most drugs and toxins, and of course getting much hungrier than he would otherwise. He's definitely not invulnerable or anything, as he has still taken serious wounds from bullets and knives, and even gotten sick after running around too much in the rain. Still, he not only survived the spider bite that should have killed him; he thrived, which he has been told makes him a "medical miracle."

Like a spider, Peter can walk and crawl on walls and ceilings - unless the surface is too slippery for him to grip or some kind of shock causes him to lose control (getting hit, for instance, will make him fall without taking out a chunk of the surface he's gripping). His "spider-strength" is supposedly proportional to his human size. Besides being able to throw punches that could kill an average person (or even break their hand just by blocking a hit from them), he's capable of lifting things several times his size over his head with relative ease: from overgrown, heavily muscled wrestler men to large freight trucks. If he's this strong at 15, it's easy to assume that this strength will only increase over time.

He also has superhuman reflexes and agility, which is probably one of Peter's greatest strengths (the other would be his intellect). His ability to cover large distances in a single bound (vertically or horizontally) and dodge a barrage of bullets from the police (and other unfriendlies) combined with his "spider-sense" (a tingling feeling at the base of his skull that alerts him to the presence of any immediate danger), is probably what has saved his ass 98% of the time. These powers have given him the ability to stay balanced on any surface he can stick to without even thinking about it, and his previously awkward self has become almost graceful and acrobatic. At least when he's suited up.

Besides the super powers he's developed, Peter had to figure out how to hold his own in a fight. For the most part he learned it on the fly, relying on his instincts to guide him... and he's survived most every battle he's been in so far. He has a fighting style all his own; mostly it involves using all the abilities he has, smartly using his environment to his advantage and/or as a weapon, and dodging a lot. Basically, he improvises everything he does in a fight. Depending on how one chooses to look at it, he lucks out in battle an awful lot.

As an aside, his webs are not a natural ability. It's a form of adhesive that his father had begun development on before his death and that Peter completed the formula to. Upon completing it after his spider powers developed, he created mechanisms that attached at his wrists and would fire out strings of the fluid upon pushing a button in the palm of his hands.


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